Monday, December 17, 2012

0 Cute Christmas Table Setting for Lazy Folks

I meant to make up a quick and easy table setting for Thanksgiving, but life got in the way, and I am constantly exhausted (read more about that here if love-handle pictures don't make you queasy). 

So here is a quick and easy table setting for Christmas! I took several photos, and didn't know which ones I should use, so I used them all. You're welcome. I know you wanted to look at multiple photos of the same simple place setting today, right?

 Now for the details: The napkin holders are the same large bells that I hung with my stockings. I used the string that they came with, and simply doubled the loop and shimmied it down the napkin, which I had folded flat, then rolled. I fanned out the top and called it good!

I picked up some light blue metallic chargers for 99 cents each at Michael's, and they go perfectly with the blue jingle bells and blue glitter on my glittery bottles!

I stuck with a simple white plate, and normal silverware because my goal was to keep this place setting as simple and easy to do as possible. Everyone has a plain plate and silverware, right? Plus I have two toddlers which means I won't be throwing any fancy-schmancy-"good silver"-requiring dinner parties any time soon. Not to mention, I think simple is the way to go when you are using bright, fun colors like these!

Speaking of keeping it simple, I opted for some more small jingle bells sprinkled along the center of the table instead of a runner. Our table is pretty small, and I thought a runner with the large chargers would overpower the table and make it look even smaller. 

These napkins are just some fun napkins I picked up at Target last Christmas.

And yes, I did only set half the table because I have dollhouse-painting-mess all over the other half of my table! 


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